Engaging with an Architectural Designer for a Tiny House Build

3 November, 2022

Around the globe, people are turning to alternative ways of living that support a smaller debt load and a more eco-friendly approach to citizenship. New Zealanders are renowned for their love of sustainable practice, and the Tiny House movement has really taken off here in the past few years. At Powerhouse Architectural Design Studio in Tauranga, we are always excited to approach a plan that requires us to think outside the box, even when the box is small.

Intelligent Design

Engaging an architectural Designer for your Tiny House build could mean the difference between tolerating a smaller space and accessing a joyful experience. When you set about downsizing your lifestyle, there are things you will gain and things you will have to learn to do without. With an intelligent architectural design from Powerhouse Architectural in Tauranga, you may find that there are ways to incorporate your current lifestyle into your new lifestyle without having to compromise quite as much as you would if you bought a kitset.

Think Big

Living large in a smaller space is mainly about dual-use, thinking about ways to use spaces for more than one thing, and utilising portability features to shift rooms from one utility to another with ease. Powerhouse Architectural can incorporate some clever design ideas into the plans for your Tiny House that will allow you to continue to entertain friends and family. We can create separate spaces for relaxation for you, your partner and your children and will incorporate indoor/outdoor flows that are not weather dependent.

Clever Features

For instance, have you thought about walls that slide on tracks? This is one way to manipulate spaces within your Tiny House to create a dining room for when you want to have people around for a special meal. Powerhouse Architectural can design a cosy family living space that shifts into a spacious dining area by simply sliding aside a screen and pulling down a fabulous table that has been snugly waiting hinged up against your wall.

Don’t Skimp On Style

Create a table with a fabulous artwork underneath it and use the tuck away legs to frame your piece. Once your meal is done, clear up and lift the table back to its resting spot, slip your wall back and reveal a lounge with a fireplace and doors that open out to a covered deck. When you work with the right architectural designer, you may find that your house may be tiny, but your life expands in ways you never dreamed of. Powerhouse Architectural are always available to brainstorm some innovative ideas to stretch your space, and we love helping our clients find new ways to celebrate home.